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The Sassy Dictionary- A Quilter’s Dictionary of Terms and Abbreviations

WIP– Work In Progress

SITD– Stitch In The Ditch, attempting to sew directly on top of seam lines.

FMQ– Free Motion Quilting, quilting where you move the fabric and the needle stays in one position.

UFO– Un-Finished Object

LQS– Local Quilt Store

WOF-Width Of Fabric, distance between selvedges; from top to bottom as it comes off  the bolt, usually 42 to 44 inches wide.

DSM– Domestic Sewing Machine

LA– Long Arm or Long Armer

BOM– Block Of the Month, a program for making a qulilt where each month a new quilt block is sewn.

FQ– Fat Quarter, a fabric cut that measures 18 x 22 inches, giving you a more usable space than with a standard 1/4-yard cut of fabric that would be long and skinny at 9 x 44 inches).

HST– Half Square Triangle, two triangles that form a square.

QST– Quarter Square Triangle, four triangles that form a square.

WOMBAT– Waste Of Material, Batting, And Time

Jelly Roll– pre-cut coordinated strips of fabric, measuring 2 1/2 inches wide by 42 or44 inches long, range from 20(design roll) to 42 strips in a set.

Layer Cake– pre-cut coordinated squares of fabric measuring 10 inches square, usually 42 squares in set.

Charm Pack– pre-cut squares of fabric measuring 5 inches square, sometimes 6 inches, usually 42 squares in set.

  • Applique :  Fabric shapes stitched to a foundation piece of fabric to create a design.
  • Backing: The fabric used for the back side of the quilt — the bottom-most layer.
  • Basting: Using large, easy-to-remove stitches, safety pins, or spray adhesive to hold the layers of a quilt in place while quilting.
  • Batting: The fluffy stuff in the middle that makes a quilt warm and wonderful.
  • Binding: The trim used to conceal, or bind, the raw edges of a quilt. Bindings come pre-made, or you can make them yourself.
  • Loft: The thickness of batting. Low-loft is a flatter, less fluffy batting than high-loft, which is very fluffy and plush.
  • Long-arm quilting machine: You’re likely to find this special machine(a.k.a. really expensive and awesome) in a lot of quilting shops.  If you don’t want to quilt your project yourself, many shops (and a good number of individuals) will quilt it for you for a fee using these machines.
  • Quilt top: The topmost layer of the quilt; it features piecing or applique designs.
  • Quilt sandwich: The three layers of a quilt; the middle batting is sandwiched between the quilt top and the backing.
  • Templates: Pre-made plastic or acrylic pattern pieces or paper patterns mounted onto card-stock and used to trace shapes onto fabric for cutting.
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  1. I love your Sassy Dictionary! It’s nice to have all of these abbreviations and terminology in one place. Thank you!

  2. Me too….I am new to quilting and didn’t know what UFO meant. Thanks Paula !

  3. Michele Huston says:

    Thank you for the beginner’s series and this great dictionary. This is all so helpful. It is just like having a good friend right next to you guiding you and giving you confidence!!

  4. Ruth Ann Scott says:

    The dictionary is a great idea! Thanks. I can relate to WOMBAT s. Too many !

  5. No es necesario ajustar la dosis de bosentan.

  6. Love the WOMBAT. That one is new to me:)

  7. Love the WOMBAT. That acronym is new to me;)


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