And the Winner is…


The winner of this lovely assortment of Superior Needles is….

Vicki Lorraine

Vicki blogs over at Lefthanded Notions. Recently she has been sharing some great techniques for hand stitching! She has some great pics in her tutorials. Go on over and share the love<3!

Left Handed Notions

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  1. Congrats to V. She is one lucky lefty.

  2. Melissa Greenfield says:

    Congrats to Vicky! Have a quilt-tastic day! Thanks for the giveaway Paula and stay “Sassy” ;)

  3. Lucky Vicky, enjoy the use of the nice giveaway. And your blog is very helpful to those of us who want to learn hand stitching. Vicky thanks for being so helpful in all that you do..

  4. Thank you Paula. I will be so excited to receive them in the mail all the way from the U.S. :)
    Oh, and thank you so much for the beautiful share of my little blog. Xxx

  5. Brenda Niedermayer says:

    I gave Ron his Corvette quilt. Just need to do a little hand quilting and add label to back!! It finally laid flat after much redoing the sashing. I’m learning. You said you would like to measure, etc. to see about writing up the pattern. That would be great! I’d love to make another, but a pattern would make it a little easier. This one was design-as-I-go, almost! I planned the design, but the triangles had to be made after I put the rest of it together. I’m sure there could have been a better way to plan it!! Thanks for the encouragement!!

    See you!
    Brenda Niedermayer
    I don’t know how to send you a photo since the email says donotreply. Let me know if I can send you a copy of the pix. I put it on Facebook

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