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How to make Binding like a Pro!



1. First things first……you need to decide how much binding you will need.

Here is a great binding calculator you can use:



Just plug in your numbers for your quilt size(ex. 45″ x 60″), width of your fabric(42″ is a safe #), beginning width of your binding strips(usually 2  to 2.5) and it will tell you how much yardage you need and how many strips to cut….Awesome:)

Now that you know how much you need, go ahead and cut your strips.

2.The next step is to prep the strips so we can join them together. I like to leave my strips folded in half, just like when I cut them, and then trim the selvages off the ends.

                         IMG_1378        IMG_1080

3. Unfold and place one end of a binding strip right side up, lay the end of another strip wrong side up on top of the strip at a right angle(like the letter “t”). It should overlap on all sides. Use the lines of your mat to make sure it’s straight.



4. Draw a line from corner to corner. I like to pull the fabric over my ruler to see if this makes a continuous strip, just to check myself….it never hurts. Secure with pins on both sides of the line so it doesn’t slip.

                          IMG_1099         IMG_1100  


5. Sew directly on the marked line. Line up your 1/4″ mark on your ruler along the stitched line and trim excess.


6. Press open and then press open your seams on the back. Making bias binding(binding where seams are joined at 45 degree angle) and pressing open seams allows your binding to be less bulky where it joins the next strip. Continue adding strips until you have one long strip of binding.

                       IMG_1109           IMG_1110


7.Trim your “dog ears” off the edges.



8. Now….to the ironing board. Fold the binding strip in half and press closed. Working your way down the entire strip.



Your binding is ready! Isn’t it cute?

IMG_1114 IMG_1119

 Sassy Binding….if I don’t say so myself:)


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