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Needle Turn Applique…Part 2

Lets start stitching!
If you missed it…

Here is the Intro to Needle Turn Applique post to help you get ready to start stitching.

Here is where we left off….

Our block is pin basted and ready to start stitching the orange peel down.

You want to start by finger pressing along your drawn on line…

this helps your fabric go the way you want it to. Just give it a squeeze for a second and it will make the crease.

Once you thread your needle and knot the end, bring your needle up along the curved side of the orange peel… right on the line.   The knot will be hidden in the fold.

Only use 18-20″ of thread… if its too long, it will just keep getting knotted up. These pieces are small so you should be able to get all the way around with out starting a new thread!

You also always want to start along the long edge of something you are appliqueing… it’s easier and it looks nicer. Never start at a point!

Fold your fabric under along the line…. I use my thumb to keep an inch or so ahead of me pressed under.

Then, insert your needle just under the fold through the background fabric.

Bring your needle up, about 1/8″ to 1/4″ at the most along the fold. You want to just barely catch the edge of the fold here… this will hide your stitches.

Work your way along the curve… it should look something like this.

When you approach the point… bring your needle up at the very tip.

Now take a stitch right in the point to secure it.

Using your needle tip and your thumb… fold on the line and tuck the seam allowance underneath the tip.

Insert your needle at the tip and continue your normal stitching along the side.

You will work your way around another point and then run into where you started. Here you will take a stitch or two in place and then knot it off on the back.

Here is the backside…


Orange peel done.

These are a great starter project.  Not too big or complicated.

So give it a try.

I have a whole pile of these done and can’t wait to show you guys what I come up with.


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