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Strawberry Jam- Part 2


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Alrighty then! Now that your strip blocks are done and the solid blocks are well…….. solid…….let’s join them together and make our rows

     Lay out all your blocks to see how the center of your quilt top will look.  If you have a design wall, this is a great time to use it.  If your like me and don’t, just lay them out on the floor.  Once you have your layout the way you like it, piece your rows together. Press your seams between the strip and solid blocks toward the solid block.  Now, back to the floor and layout your rows.  Laying things out lets me see how the quilt is looking, hopefully spotting mistakes sooner than later.


I recommend using a few pins when joining rows together. Your sewing line will be long and there will be seams to fight along the way. Pins free up your hands for other adjusting.  Now here comes the part about locking/nesting your seams.  Where both rows seams come together they line up(hopefully) and produce a lot of bulk.  This is hard for your machine to sew and quilt through and can even break your needle.  To keep things flat and smooth we try to press the seams so that when they line up they will be going in opposite directions.  Not only does it reduce bulk, the seams butt into one another(lock/nest) and make sure your piecing lines look accurate on the topside of your quilt.


Once you join your two rows together, press to either side. It won’t matter for these seams.  Sew the rest of your rows together and Voila!!!!


The center of your quilt top is complete.

Happy Quilting!!!

Stay tuned for Part 3—>Borders:)


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