Sassy Saturday Giveaway

Sassy Saturday

This weeks Sassy Saturday giveaway is sponsored by Fort Worth Fabric Studio!

Sorry for not checking in last week guys….things got a little crazy. But we are back on track now:)

Each week Fort Worth Fabric Studio has an amazing Friday Bundle Batch!

Check out this weeks….

Click HERE to purchase!
MAP IT OUT is today’s 9 piece Bundle Batch!   We are showcasing some of our new Northcott ColorWorks Solids along with the low volume map prints from Moda!
Included in each bundle are one cut of each  (in order from top to bottom):
  1. ColorWorks Solid Lagoon  – Northcott
  2. ColorWorks Solid Tangerine  – Northcott
  3. Passport London Map – Moda
  4. ColorWorks Solid Lipstick  – Northcott
  5. ColorWorks Solid Heather  – Northcott
  6. Passport Toyko Map – Moda
  7. ColorWorks Solid Turquoise  – Northcott
  8. ColorWorks Solid Lime  – Northcott
  9. Passport New York City Map – Moda
Need more than a fat quarter? You can purchase this bundle in 1/2 yard cuts rather than fat quarters.

They have also had a busy week on the blog!
Mini Quilt Mania  and April’s first Mystery Project — A Quilted Zipper Pouch.
Be sure to check those out HERE!

P.S…..if you don’t follow the FWFS blog you totally should! Lindsey always has amazing projects and inspiration to be found!


So what does Fort Worth Fabric Studio have for you guys today???

Hold onto your seats because I am in looooove with this one!!!


Dots are 0.50″ across. This FAT QUARTER BUNDLE includes 10 fat quarters, as pictured. Tied with a bow. I am totally buying one of these for myself!

Here are some yummy new products that are on sale that you might just want to add to your stash….


30% off all REGENT STREET LAWNS by Moda with code REGENT30, good through April 23!


25% off all SUNDAY MORNING by Dear Stella, including matching Calico Prints – code SUNDAY25, good through April 23!



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…then leave a comment below telling me you did!

If you already are signed up…..then just let me know:)

(Giveaway ends midnight Thursday, Apr. 23rd/EST. Open Internationally.)

Congratulations to last weeks Sassy Saturday winner…..
Melanie C.!


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