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Hola Sassaritas! Hope you had a fabulous week. My internet has been el crasho, so let me catch you up on what I have been up to.

My progress on the Star Surround QAL with Melissa@Happy Quilting! All my lovely little stars. Liking the yellows, the polka dots and stripes are my favorite. I was doubting some of the fabrics, but I think they will add to the scrappines. It’s hard not to over think it, right?


Had a Friday off this week, which is awesome, because I got to pull out my Sampler quilt which I started almost 3 Years ago!!! I made this top with my Sassy Quilters Guild as we learned lots of new techniques and all about some popular traditional quilting blocks. It was a fun project and I only used scraps from my stash to make it. The colors were not my typical palette, but I took what I had and threw them in the pot, and here is what came out. I actually really like the combo.  This year I am pulling out a lot of old tops I made (and then abandoned) and trying to get them done!


I am also trying to make myself continue to practice my FMQ on these tops. I am okay with all my machine quilting when it comes to straight lines or following markings, but I want to learn the “free” part of Free-Motion-Quilting:) So I went for it. No marking…just quilting what came to me. Sorry to say this felt like a flop, but since I used (mostly)matching thread, it doesn’t really show that much, except for on the dark brown, yikes! As I was contemplating why I don’t feel like I am progressing that much with this technique…I realized that if I added up my hours, it may be less than I think. I have concluded that I need some practice samples and actually go over each technique/design…A LOT! Get my  muscle memory going and all. My usual M.O. is to have a quilt top sandwiched and sit down and power out a whole quilt in a day and then not do it again for a month or longer. More daily work and not making it a marathon may help….am I rambling now? Oh, well…I just want to be awesome without practicing…is that too much to ask??? Here are some pics:




Note: I am only showing the least scary pics:) This last one I knew would be rough with the dark fabric and light thread. I could have drawn it all out, but where is the fun in that…

On a super fun note :) here are some awesome fabrics I won from Lisa@InTheBoonDocks. Thanks Lisa!




Hmmmm….. what to do with these.

Keep it Sassy

And don’t forget to check out tomorrow’s Sunday Funday @627Handworks! Lot’s of free stuff to win:)


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  1. Lovely fabrics you won! Those yellow stars are great. I hope to be adventurous with my fabric selections at some point. I try too hard to ‘match’ right now. Putting striped binding on a polka-dot quilt was way out of my comfort zone!! :-)

  2. I agree with you. I just want to sit down and have it quilted flawlessly dammit!! LOL. But I am also realizing over the last couple of weeks that doing it on a regular basis does make a difference. As well as my Machinger gloves. Waaaay more than I thought they would!

  3. Pretty fabric wins!!

    Way to go, finishing old projects!! Maybe 2014 will be my year for that…

  4. Good for you… In sew many ways! Finishing up some of those long ago projects. Practicing some FMQ. (Fab job, by the way!) And winning that scrumptious fabric! Go Sassy, Go!

  5. Nice win and I love the sunny yellow stars. Your quilting is great – much better than mine :)

  6. Like you, I’d like to just wake up brilliant at FMQ someday because WOW do I hate practising. (It’s like piano when I was a kid – I wanted to be a prodigy, but was I actually going to play other than in my lessons? Hells no.) Anyway, I guess the thing to do is just remind yourself that with every stitch, you’ll get better. Yeah, some of it’s a little shaky, but how amazing that you did it at all?

    Also, loving the stars. The stripes look fabulous.

  7. Your QAL stars are looking great. The polka dot stripe combo is my favorite too!

    Hey, at least you’re diving into your FMQ (and I don’t think it’s looking bad); I’m being a chicken and telling myself that I’m going to wait until January before I dive in to learn it. So.much.practice. I’m putting it off and trying to think of 1,001 combinations for straight lines now :-)

  8. Your stars are fabulous! Love the yellow. And your FMQ isn’t bad at all. I’ve been working on my FMQ skills as well and I am slowly getting better. It does take time and lots of practice. :-)

  9. Your stars look great and the yellow will make a really gorgeous quilt! AND I think your FMQ looks great! You tried so many new designs!

    :) Kelly

  10. The FMQ looks great! You’re just bonkers thinking otherwise. I can only do meandering so you’ve got me beat. Lol. Lovely new fabrics too!

  11. I love your yellow blocks and I think your quilting look great! I haven’t got past stippling yet on FMQ. I want to try pebbles and feathers but haven’t got up the nerve yet. Great job!
    (my internet has been down almost everyday!)
    xo jan

  12. so get where you are coming from and hilarious that we blogged about the same thing this week!! Love the fabric you won!!

  13. Oh being awesome without practice. Wouldn’t that just be cherry? Of course, if you were awesome without practice, you couldn’t go back and look at your old stuff and say, dang! look how BAD I was at that. :)

  14. You are lucky with this nice fabrics. Love your top and your quilting is beautiful!

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