Quilting Tips

Quilting Tips

When doing hand-quilting or applique…rub a dryer sheet over your thread! It will make it slide through that fabric like a breeze and keep it from knotting up on you:)

(pic courtesy cleaningallstars.com)

For added fun check out the ThriftyNinja  for over 50 uses for dryer sheets!

Keep it Sassy

For more quilting tips for the sassy quilter check out my Quilting Tips tab.

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  1. Thank you for the tip Paula. I have tried this and it does work. I’ve heard that some quilters save their dryer sheets for stabilizer in place of paper or fabric. The dryer sheets don’t need to be removed.

  2. I’ll have to give this a try. Thanks for sharing the tip!

  3. Ooh, great tip! I’m going downstairs now to grab one for my hand sewing kit!! Thanks Paula!

  4. I’ll give that a try. Great tip!

  5. ooooohhh nice! Such great tips. :)

  6. I usually use beeswax, do not have a dryer so no dryer sheets, unfortunately do not know anyone else with a dryer either. Will now have a look at your other tips.

  7. cool tip! but me…hand sewing?? hahahaha…! maybe one day…lol

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  8. who knew?! thanks for sharing.

  9. Gives your sewing kit a sweet aroma, too! :)

  10. Nice tip…I never would have thought of that!


  1. […] next thing she posted was a tip for hand sewing which you can find here.  She said you can take a dryer sheet and wipe it over your thread and it will help keep it from […]

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