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I am joining in with Amy@13 Spools in a Quilt-A-Long where we are making this quilt by Faith@FreshLemonQuilts. The pattern is called Prism and you can find it here. I just love the look of this quilt and the best part is that it is paper-pieced! I have made a few one block things that are paper-pieced, but not a whole quilt. I like it so much that the girls in my guild are making it with me!

13 Spools

If your interested, be sure to check out 13Spools where she has a series of info on paper-piecing with some tips and tricks. She also has a series of interviews with some big paper-piecers and a Flickr group where everyone can share there work. I love seeing all the ways a quilt is made from one pattern!

Here are my color choices. I went with four shades of grey and a Poseidon FQ bundle by Robert Kaufman. All the shades of blue and grey will hopefully give this quilt some sparkle:)


Here are my first couple of blocks, I am loving the way they are coming out…



If you have never tried paper-piecing I encourage you to give this a try! This is the easiest it is going to get…nice straight lines and an easy to follow pattern, just look at the template that you print and sew on…easy-peasy:)


Thanks Amy for sharing this with us and giving us the chance to join in!

Definitely a sassy pattern!

Keep it Sassy


Stitch by Stitch  plum and june  Better Off Thread  Fresh Poppy Design

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16 thoughts on “Prism Along

  1. I’m using that exact color palette in a quilt I’m making. I must say, you have excellent taste. LOL! It will be beautiful. I found you from the Plum and June link up.

  2. Yes! Sassy is the feeling of that quilt pattern and gorgeous is you color scheme!!! I look forward to seeing your quilt finished!

  3. This is truly going to be beautiful! You have great taste in fabric. I look forward to watching as you progress on it.

  4. I’m liking this pattern, and I think the colors that you chose are going to be marvelous. If I wasn’t already in two quiltalongs and hadn’t missed out on the prep work earlier this month, I’d be tempted to join. I’m going to follow your progress; I can always buy the pattern later and make the quilt. It’s not quite as much fun as doing it with others, but on the plus side, I can get crazy amounts of inspiration from seeing your quilt come together along with all the others in the quilt along.

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