What I learned from Jenny…


If you know me it is no surprise that I love Missouri Star Quilt Co.!

I am a sucker for their Daily Deal(like needing an intervention style), love the quilt forum they run on their site and the easy and FREE quilt tutorials Jenny Doan does on You Tube. They have a flat rate shipping of 5.00/free over 100.oo and are known for their large assortment of pre-cuts. Pretty much the tutorials are all about being easy and using those pre-cuts. This makes them great for beginning quilters.


Now, Missouri is just a little too far from VA so I figured I would not be making it there for a visit any time soon, but lucked out and Jenny came to me. She visited a local quilt shop and did some fun demonstrations and a trunk show of her quilts. Jenny and her husband, Ron, were super nice and fun to talk with. He is pretty tall so he was an excellent quilt holder-upper:) They are opening what sounds like a cool quilt retreat center next week…..hmmm, perhaps a nice getaway!

What I learned from Jenny…

  • Did you know that Moda will only run a fabric line once? No re-prints! So if you love it-get it! This does not help my hoarding tendencies one bit. This is not always true with all manufacturers.
  • Did you know that the designers are locked into a color way? I always wondered why Kansas Troubles didn’t give the brown/red a rest or why are some always bright teal/red? The point of this is so that all of their lines will somehow relate to each other. Not exactly the same, but similar. Makes sense especially if you aren’t going to see that line again.
  • Did you know Moda owns the words Jelly Roll, Layer Cake, Charm Pack? Well, they do! That’s why some of the others call the same thing something else. Kind of like Starbucks owns the word Frappuccino, who knew!

I also learned lots of other tips for what you can make with pre-cuts.

Layer Cake= 2 3/4yard of fabric and one will make a twin size quilt.

Jelly Roll= 2 3/4 yard of fabric and will make a twin size quilt.

Charm Pack= 3/4 yard of fabric and will make a baby quilt. Two will make a full crib size, three a throw, and four a twin.

So, If you haven’t checked out this sassy quilt co. before…Do it!

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  1. How exciting about meeting Jenny. I so enjoy her tutorials! I didn’t know about running a line once or owning those words. Interesting. Thanks a bunch for sharing the info on pre-cuts. I don’t use pre-cuts but if I ever do this is good to know.

  2. Oooh that’s some helpful math! Pinning that.

  3. Locked into a colorway? That would really frustrate me if I were a designer. I see their point, but… wow! Thanks for the info.

  4. Great facts…I’d heard that once a Moda line is gone it really is gone! Good to know how much a charm pack will make, never been sure before :)

  5. Thanks for the tips.I have not heard anything before and it`s helpful.Thanks!!

  6. I understand why Moda does the thing with printing a line only once – people will be more likely to buy it now if they know they can’t get it later, even if they’re not 100% certain they really love it – but it sure is irritating. There are lots of things that were printed before I started buying fabric online that I’d love to get, but never will be able to because of moves like that.

  7. So fun! Thanks for sharing what you learned! And a quilt retreat in Missouri sounds like fun!!! And I loooove Moda! Their offices are literally up the road from me and I would just die if I ever got to set foot in there. I did do a stalker drive by one day. Lol.

  8. How fun getting to meet Jenny!

  9. Thanks for sharing what you learned form Jenny! I really like her videos and she is so pleasant!

  10. What fun! Sounds like a quilt retreat may be in your future. Thanks for sharing the info on what size/s of quilts each Moda baking pack can make – this is handy knowledge to have on hand!

  11. Melissa Greenfield says:

    Still jealous ;) As you know huge Jenny and M* fan here. Glad you had a great time and LOVE the picture of the two of you. What a wonderful memory and keepsake. How cool is that!!?

  12. how exciting!! sounds like a great experience with lots of awesome tips.

    Thank you so much for linking up with Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  13. Thanks for the update ….great info.

  14. So lucky to meet Jenny! I’m hoping when that retreat opens up I’ll be able to visit. I watched the heck out of their youtube videos when I first started sewing, I learned a lot from them!

  15. you are so lucky, Jenny is coming to a quilt store near me too, I was on the fence about going, but think you might have talked me into it

  16. madamesamm@me.com says:

    You is a sassy with a capital S….darn cute too…lucky you to have met Jenny

  17. Brenda Niedermayer says:

    I just got some charm packs, daily deal + 1! Now, I need a free quilt pattern using charms packs. I’ve never used these and was to use them for the most affect, and ease!! Help, Paula!

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