Let’s get Clammy…. and a giveaway



Hey there Quilt Peoples!

Yes….I am still alive and still make quilts occasionally :) I have finally got to work on a quilt I have forever wanted to try …. An old school Clam Shell Quilt!

Me and my quilt peeps in my Sassy Quilters Guild are working on making Clamshell quilts using the FREE PATTERN on Craftsy by Latifah Saafir. We decided to do the 12″ pattern. The larger clam is much easier to sew and this is a great pattern. It is coming together smoothly. You should definitely give it a try.


I am using mostly the line Comma by Zen Chic for Moda Fabrics…. love this line and I have had it forever waiting to use it.


I have a fun giveaway for you guys today!!!

All you have to do is take a fun quick quilty survey for me. The prize will be an extra fabulous bundle of quilt goodness, promise!

The survey is for a fun Game of Quilters Family Feud… I will share all the fun results with you guys. Thanks a bunch!

The survey should just pop up on your screen, so answer the few short questions and leave a comment on this post telling me you did so I can enter you in the drawing for a prize.

Check out other cool stuff on Craftsy HERE!


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  1. Liz Horgan says:

    I did the survey!

  2. I took the awesome survey. Good questions

  3. Szamóca says:

    I did fill out the questionnaire.

  4. I did the survey! Some questions were tough since I’m horrible with names!

  5. Done! Fun!

  6. Brenda Hulsey says:

    I answered it. These clams look awesome!

  7. Michele T says:

    I hope I passed!! Lol

  8. I answered! I love your clam shells.

  9. I did the survey!

  10. Fun questions! I did them.

  11. Sandy A in St. Louis says:

    I did the survey! It was fun but made me think on a couple of them!

  12. I took the survey! Also want to make a clam shell quilt. Inspired by Truda Lee.

  13. I took the survey.

  14. Sherril M. says:

    I took survey.

  15. I took the aurvey. Fun!

  16. I took the quiz. It’ll be interesting to see the results!

  17. Done!!

  18. Patricia Cash says:

    I took the survey.

  19. Marie Eddins says:

    I did the survey and thought you had some good questions. Thanks for the giveaway!
    I should do the clamshell quilt ~ would be a fun challenge.

  20. I took your fun quiz!

  21. Well, that was a fun game! Thanks!

  22. Sarah J. says:

    I took the quiz- some of those questions were funny… can’t wait to see the results :)

  23. So interesting…I’ve seen clamshell quilts but didn’t realize the template had the piece at the bottom. That probably makes it easier to sew. Might have to check it out. I completed the survey — have fun playing.

  24. I took the survey A clamshell quilt is on my long to-do list. Looking forward to seeing what you create.

  25. I did the survey!

  26. I love the clamshells- saw one that had points across top like a NY beauty. Would love to do one. I did the survey. Will be interesting to see how others answered the same questions!

  27. I took the survey and can’t wait to see the results.

  28. I completed the survey. Those clamshells look so neat. I’ll be watching to see how it goes together.

  29. Completed the survey Thanks for the giveaway

  30. Carol Croner says:

    Finished the survey… interesting questions…. Loving your clam shell quilt…Looks like fun!

  31. Eileen DiPietro says:

    I completed the fun survey

  32. I took the survey before I even knew it was for the giveaway! Great questions! Looking forward to seeing the results. A clamshell quilt has been on my list too. Yours is looking good!

  33. Bertha Goggin says:

    Did the survey – fun!

  34. I took the survey! The crazy part is that Family Feud is planing in the other room!

  35. Took the survey! And love your glam clam. I took the glam clam class with Latifah and she’s fantastic- talented & kind!

  36. I love surveys. And clamshells!

  37. Everyone needs a little break now and then. Glad everything is ok.
    I love the clamshells too, Not good at curves though. I took the survey
    befor I knew what it was for.Anxious to see just what you are going to
    do with it.

  38. I did the survey! 8-)

  39. I did the survey. That was fun.

  40. Completed your survey! Like your clamshells!

  41. So glad you are back in the saddle again! I did the survey – should be fun to see the answers. Clam shell…..you “made” me do a triangle quilt and it’s my favorite quilt…so I guess I need to try this one as well!

  42. What a fun survey! I completed it. Your clamshells are looking wonderful! Thanks for the fun.

  43. I took the survey! thank you!

  44. Alma Smith says:

    I just completed the survey. Loved it!

  45. Diane Beavers says:

    Hey there Paula, nice to have you back! I took the survey too.

  46. melanie c says:

    Fun survey! Now I need to go and sew ;)

  47. Ok, Paula, I’ll be curious to see the answers to some of those questions! Thanks for the chuckle…

  48. Elizabeth S says:

    Finished the survey. Love those clamshells!

  49. Glad to see you on the blog! I took the survey.

  50. How very interesting. I love surveys and took yours.

  51. Survey done!

  52. Fun survey! Can’t wait to see the quiz you make from it!

  53. I took the survey. When do we get to play the game?

  54. OK, that was fun. I love how your clamshell quilt looks, the pink really warms up the palette.

  55. Fun survey! Really love the Clam Shell Quilt. I downloaded that months ago from Craftsy and have been wanting to make it.

  56. Christine M. says:

    Survey completed!

  57. Lori Morton says:

    I answered the Survey! GREAT questions & fun! LOOOOOVE the Clammy Quilt!!! On my GOTTA DO LIST already!!! giggle….

  58. I completed the survey

  59. I dI’d the survey but it was hard to see on my android phone.

  60. I took the survey. Thanks for the giveaway!

  61. I did the survey.

  62. I did it! Super fun idea!

  63. Chris K. says:

    I took the survey. Looking forward to the answers.

  64. Norma Sterbenz says:

    I completed the survey. Do we get to find out what the most popular answers are?

  65. Claire Ross says:

    I completed the survey. Fun questions !
    Iain.ross30 at gmail dot com

  66. I completed your survey. Thanks for the chance to win!

  67. Joanne Larson says:

    I completed the survey. That was fun…thank you!

  68. Making a clam shell quilt is on my bucket list. I completed the survey. Thanks!

  69. I did the survey and let’s just say Carolyn Friedlander was my answer more than once!

  70. Lisa Marie says:

    I did the survey and I look forward to seeing the results.

  71. Julie Soden says:

    cool survey. i did it!

  72. Anna-Marie says:

    Survey completed. Thanks for the chance to win.

  73. I did the survey.

  74. I did the survey.

  75. Survery Done!!

  76. I did the survey.

  77. survey complete! It sounds like fun.

  78. Karen in Breezy Point says:

    I did the survey–can’t wait to see the results!

  79. Survey completed! The results should be interesting!

  80. Jennifer Creech says:

    I did the survey! Your clams look great!!!

  81. That was fun! I can’t wait to see the results!

  82. Hope I don’t miss the results. The survey was fun.

  83. I did your survey! That was fun – I can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  84. I’m glad to see you back, I was wondering where you had gone. I did the survey.

  85. Great survey!

  86. Quilting Tangent says:

    Took survey, be fun to see results.

  87. Ha that survey was interesting!

  88. Doris McCarty says:

    I took the survey. I would love to see the results.

  89. Survey done!

  90. I don’t mind sewing clamshells but I hate cutting them out. Your quilt will be great. Survey finished.

  91. That was fun. Thanks

  92. I did the survey; I hope we’ll get to see the results!
    I am glad to see that you are back. I found your blog only a few weeks ago and I really enjoy what you do.

  93. Kathleen Dalecio says:

    I answered the survey questions. I’m interested to see the results.
    Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

  94. Joyce Spaulding says:

    Survey done…great questions!!

  95. I don’t know what happened, but I only got one question. Don’t know what I did wrong. But I answered it!

  96. Questions answered. It popped up before I could read half your blog and I was wondering what it was all about. Sometimes it’s tough to know the who and what of all those questions as we may have multiple answers. It was an interesting way to evaluate my own thoughts on the matters at hand.

  97. I took the survey. Looking forward to seeing the results!

  98. Julie in Ga says:

    Fun survey! I look forward to seeing the results.

  99. jeanwood says:

    The questions were unexpected.

  100. goonyburd says:

    I did the survey!

  101. That was a fun little survey! Thanks for the chance to win a quilting surprise!! ;)
    Debby E
    samtaylorcjsmimi at yahoo dot com

  102. Fun questions. Thanks!

  103. Jennifer B. says:

    I completed the survey.

  104. I took the survey!

  105. Lynne Tilley says:

    I completed the survey

  106. I completed the survey

  107. I completed the survey. Good questions.

  108. Survey is complete! Very cool questions

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