Christmas Keepsakes and a Giveaway!

Shabby Fabrics

Today is my stop on the Shabby Fabrics Christmas Keepsakes Blog Tour!

Shabby Fabrics is excited to announce their newest BOM quilt…..Christmas Keepsakes! Doesn’t this quilt just make you feel all warm and fuzzy???

Christmas Keepsakes is a 10 month Block of the Month quilt that is designed with 9 applique blocks and has just the perfect borders to make this quilt extra special!  It finishes at 36″ x 36″ and is offered in traditional or laser-cut/pre-fused applique style kits with border, backing, binding and embellishments included.   Shabby Fabrics has asked me and some other lovely ladies to each try one of these pre-fused and laser-cut applique blocks and tell you what we think…….

shabby fabrics

So hears the deal, I have never tried a pre-fused/laser-cut applique project, but let me tell you…..I am completely won over!!!

Here’s what came in my kit:

Shabby Fabrics

Yep! All my pieces….ready to roll.

Shabby Fabrics

All I had to do was peel off the paper backing, put everything in place and give it a press!!!

Stitch everything down however you like and……..

Shabby Fabrics

Seriously…..I spent more time tying that bow than on the entire block:) I think I might just have to make this entire quilt!

Christmas Keepsakes BOM

What you need to know:

size: 36” x 36”
sign-up cost: $10
Traditional: $14/month
Laser-cut: $17/month
US shipping: $3/month
International shipping: $7/month

Christmas Keepsakes is a 10 month program that starts January 2015 and runs through October 2015 and is only available at Shabby Fabrics.

This one is so easy you will definitely have it finished and ready by Christmas!


Shabby Fabrics is giving away a $25 gift certificate for their shop at each of the stops on the Blog Tour…..that’s a total of $200 up for grabs! So be sure and check out all the stops this week.


Leave a comment on this post telling me which you would pick…..

Traditional or Laser-cut/Pre-fused Applique!

Tuesday, October 7th

Wednesday, October 8th
Melissa @ Happy Quilting
Kristyne @ Pretty by Hand

Thursday, October 9th
Caroline @ SewCanShe


Friday, October 10th
Wrap Up @  The Shabby


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(giveaway ends October 15th and will be announced October 16th)


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  1. Linda Edwards says:

    Of course I would choose the laser cut/pre-fused. I love the idea of a quick, easy, successful finish.

    • Kelly Tadlock says:

      I chose the laser cut perfused also, can’t wait to get it! The quilt is sooo cute! Love all the blocks!

  2. I would pick laser cut because I haven’t done very much applique. With the precut pieces I could fuse and edge stitch.

  3. Laser cut…..I am still intimidated by cutting!

  4. I’m leaning toward traditional as I don’t have much practice with machine embroidery. Thanks.

  5. I’d pick Laser-cut/Pre-fused Applique! I’d like to try something new.

  6. I would pick laser cut. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. farmquilter says:

    Laser-cut, pre-fused – so far, easy and perfect!!! I don’t like hand-work, so traditional is totally out!! Love this quilt – totally cute!!

  8. Definitely the laser cut! How quick and easy!

  9. If I won this giveaway, I would pick the Laser-cut/Pre-fused Applique! I’ve never tried that before!

  10. Debra Kay Neiman says:

    The Pre-fused laser-cut is the best. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  11. Vaune Pierce says:

    I love handwork, so traditional for me!

  12. Lazer cut for me!

  13. cdahlgren2013 says:

    I would choose laser cut. Sounds so much easier and more cost effective if you think about it. Dahlgren0609 at Gmail dot com

  14. I would choose laser cut. I’m a bit too lazy to cut out a whole appliqué quilt and the small extra cost is justified.

  15. I would rather choose the traditional appliqué version, it makes the block much more smoother and easier to quilt, thank you sew much for the chance to win :-)

  16. After receiving Jennifers Newsletter this morning I have been thinking all day about trying this out. I would go Laser cut for sure. Your Ornament turned out adorable Paula!! Thanks for sharing!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  17. I would choose traditional because I like to sew by hand.


  18. Tom Cranford says:

    I would choose the laser cut/p refused fabric. Love your blog and thanks for the opportunity to participate in the give away! :)

  19. Lisa Marie says:

    I would love to try the pre-cut applique! What a great way to make a cute, quick project.

  20. Though I always prefer to needle turn, in this case I would select the laser cut

  21. I would want the laser cut pre fused applique because it’s easier to put together.

  22. Michele Timms says:

    I’d choose the laser cut pre fused applique too, sure would speed the process!

  23. I would try the prefused also, anything to make life easier is always good. Thanks for the chance to win

  24. Tabitha Keener says:

    I would definitely pick the laser cut! Thanks so much!

  25. Definitely would pick fused. Makes it so much quicker!!

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  26. I love these pre-cut ready to stick and sew! I think it would make a lovely bib for a little girl’s dress or an apron, too. Would definitely choose the laser cut, pre-fused!

  27. Well duh, laser cut of course! More time to create!

  28. Laser cut – just to try it out!

  29. I would choose laser cut for sure as I am new to applique! thanks!

  30. I love the traditional applique, very relaxing for me!

  31. I am all for quick. I would love to try the laser cut.

  32. I’d like to try the laser cut. It really looks fast and easy.

  33. Fingers crossed, I would choose the laser cut.

  34. Gosh, already to go for ya – gotta pick laser cut. What a cute project to have a handy little gift on the ready.

  35. Pretty quilt! I think I would choose the traditional applique. Thanks for the chance to win.

  36. Laser Cut. Thank you for a chance to win.

  37. That laser-cut option would be the way to go for me! I have to say…that single block, staged on the pretty plate, is a stunning decoration in itself! Gorgeous!

  38. Melanie c says:

    definitely laser cut and pre-fused as that is my least favorite part

  39. Julie Craven says:

    I would love to try the laser cut and pre fused. How fast that would be. Especially with Christmas right around the corner.

  40. Laser/pre cute, please!

  41. I don’t have the patience to do a large amount of needle turn applique so I’d definitely go for the laser cut. This is such a cute quilt. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  42. I think I would like to try the laser precut fusible applique. Thanks for the chance.

  43. I love applique, but severe arthritis has made it more difficult to do, but the laser cut applique would definitely make the process so much easier, and the fact that I am always looking for the easy way to do things, this would make this perfect. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  44. There are so many wonderful details on this quilt that I just love. You can tell their was love designed into it. If it were free, I’d choose laser-cut but if I had to pay for it myself, I’d probably do the traditional. I know my time is probably worth more but I’m mighty miserly!! lol

  45. The laser cut. Thanks for the giveaway.
    Patricia C

  46. I would choose the laser cut, simply because I have never used it before! I love applique, so either would suit me. What a darling quilt–gonna be tempted!

  47. I would definitely pick the laser cut. I love this little so cute quilt.

  48. As the kids would say laser cut dddaaaaa:) Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  49. Mary Jane says:

    I love this quilt, I really think I will try the laser cut version!

  50. I would do the traditional I like hand work

  51. I first looked at your beautiful block and thought, how pretty; but, then I saw that bow and thought, “ugh”!! Your comment about it made me smile. That would be my experience! :-)

  52. Oh the Laser cuts for sure! I love that this is going together quickly!

  53. maggielou says:

    I think I would take the laser cut. I love this quilt

  54. I think I would give the laser cut a try. I usually do my applique by hand but that could mean it would be many Christmas’ before I could enjoy it.

  55. Sherry VF says:

    I’d pick traditional cutting just because I don’t own a laser cutter. Otherwise, I’d love to use the laser cutter. svonfumetti at yahoo dot com

  56. I would definitely choose the laser cut pieces because I am a beginning quilter and have never done applique. It looks interesting though and not too hard so I may just try it. Shabby Fabrics is a great shop. I have ordered from them before and get their newsletter. Everything is packaged so neatly -it is a joy to open one of my orders from them.

  57. Seeewwww cute!!! I love it! I think I’d go with the laser cut version ’cause I’ve not done much traditional applique. Thanks so much for the chance to win.
    Debby E
    samtaylorcjsmimi at yahoo dot com

  58. Carolyn Montgomery says:

    laser cut and pre-fused definitely.

  59. johnhutchens1 says:

    I would pick the Laser-cut/Pre-fused Applique. cooladam1 at live dot com

  60. I am hooked on laser cuts. I have been on the fence with this BOM, I’ll have to decide soon. Just wish it was bigger. Thanks for the giveaway

  61. The laser cut – it sounds like it makes it easy to just start rolling on a project.

  62. mcdowallrc says:

    Tough decision…want to conquer traditional applique, but the laser cut looks so quick and who doesn’t need a quick, fun project…so laser cut it is!

  63. I would love the laser cut. This looks like such a wonderful project I may just have to join up. A surprise package each month how great is that?

  64. Definitely the laser cut pre-fused. This kit sounds amazing.

  65. Laser cut for sure! Why do more work for the same result?!!

  66. Laser cut looks like the way to go.

  67. I love traditional applique. But for some fun, quick projects I would choose the lase cut.

  68. Anxious to try laser cut. I will be receiving a BOM (laser cut) soon. I am very excited to try it.

  69. I would definitely do laser-cut. Well worth the cost if you don’t have to cut it yourself!

  70. Ruth Griffeth says:

    I would have to go with the laser cut, I am not the best at applique, and I have never tried the laser cut!

  71. Marti Taylor says:

    I would totally pick the laser-cut version!

  72. Jeri Niksich says:

    I’ve been wanting to try some laser cut pieces. Do you know of any places that laser cut their precuts, like charm packs ect?

  73. Love this block, super cute!

  74. I would love to try the laser cut version. Looks SO much faster than traditional applique. Love the look, hate the prep!

  75. I love this wall quilt! I would choose laser cut/pre-fused applique. What a time saver that would be! Thanks!

  76. I don’t do much applique, so I think I would pick the laser cut/pre-fused because it looks even easy enough for me.

  77. HELLO, Traditional please.
    Thank You!

  78. I think I would pick traditional. I need to learn applique, and I’m worried that if I started to learn by using the pre-cut / pre-fused ones, that I would never learn to do it the normal way.

    jhunsberger (at) gmail (d0t) c0m

  79. For a great really quick decoration, I’d choose the laser cut! Might even make a fun project with a child.

  80. Laser cut and pre-fused all the way! I have 2 littles at home and maybe it could be something I actually finish! Thanks for the chance to win!

  81. Thank you for the chance to win! I would love to try the laser cut!

  82. I would pick laser cut, because I am new to appliqué. It would help me get started without all the extra cutting.

  83. I would choose the laser cut. I’m also new to applique, and while I absolutely love it, it takes me forever to do it the traditional way.

  84. I’d have to choose traditional. I am a traditional person and so many times, being “untraditional” takes from the memory of the project.

  85. Amanda Best says:

    Normally, I do most of my applique the traditional, needle turn way, but I think I would have to choose the laser cut version, because then I could actually finish it! Doing it that way is so much faster! Love the little quilt and your block they are so adorable!

  86. Nancy Bird says:

    I’d try the laser-cut!

  87. I would cut the applique myself. And fuse it myself. Your block is adorable, and this mini quilt looks adorable for the holidays.

  88. Lori Morton says:

    Ooooooh! would definitely choose Laser-cut!! Am doing 2 wall Hangings for Christmas…my 1st try at Applique & I am slooow! lol Love it tho! so to make easier…laser-cut would be Grrrreat! :) Love that you framed your block! Coool Idea!

  89. I think the laser cut as I have wanted to try that! the project is just stunning!

  90. Definitely laser cut!!

  91. laser cut please! LOL

  92. Bobbie Hunley says:

    I’ve already signed up for the laser cut applique. It’s so cute that I don’t think I would have the patience to hand applique…I wanted it now!

  93. I would choose the traditional because I enjoy needleturn applique. The quilt may take a year to make though! :) Thanks for the eye candy!

  94. barbara woods says:

    i am a traditional kind of gal, thanks for the chance

  95. Would love to try the laser cut!

  96. Christmas is so fun and happy. Luv the quilt. Thank You

  97. I would choose laser cut only because I have so much going on and would want to keep up.

  98. I’m an amateur at applique so would enjoy the laser cut way. The quilt i lovely

  99. Definitely pre fused laser cut!

  100. I love to hand applique but think I’d like to try the laser cut way!

  101. Kathleen Dalecio says:

    I would love to try the pre-fused laser cut version. The project would get put together much quicker!!! Thanks for the tour and for your giveaway opportunity!

  102. I’m too busy so would definitely opt for the laser cut version. It’s just so convenient that the justifies the extra cost.

  103. Karen Thurn says:

    I’ve never done a laser cut version so would like to try that one. It’s hard to get in the Christmas mood when it seems so far away yet.

  104. I am giving laser cut a try with their BOM Rose Hill collection starting in January. I cant wait.

  105. Gena Bowman says:

    I would chose lazer cut. I work full time so the easier the better for me

  106. Sandy A in St. Louis says:

    I would choose the traditional. I haven’t found a fusible that I like the feel of yet and I don’t have a machine that I can use for machine applique. The one I have doesn’t have a buttonhole stitch and the zig zag is iffy. :)

  107. Emily Reznechek says:

    Absolutely laser cut!

  108. almulcahey says:

    I ordered the laser cut kit already. Can’t wait.

  109. I’m a real traditionalist, but those lazer cut pieces are really great. Thanks.

  110. Sydney Liggett says:

    lazer cut for sure! cleaner lines.

  111. Linda Cejnar says:

    I would pick laser cut, although any applique is a little intimidating.

  112. I have to pick laser cut, it looks so easy.

  113. Laser cut, pre fused…

  114. I would definitely go for the laser cut/pre-fused!

  115. I love laser cut applique!

  116. I’ve only done one applique project so far. I think laser cut would be the way to go.

  117. I am totally intrigued by the laser cut project…one I haven’t tried before! I’m always up for something new.

  118. definitely the laser cut as my sewing time is so short

  119. I think I would choose the laser cut version – although I do feel a whiff of guilt that I am choosing the easy way.

    perry94022 at hotmail dot com

  120. The laser cut looks pretty darn handy!

  121. michelle kirby says:

    I would love to try an applique quilt that was already cut and the fusible
    added…I can spend more time on the blanket stitch! Thanks for the chance to win!

  122. Lisa Schwartz says:

    I would like to do the laser cut that’s how I do all my applique minus the laser cutting usually cut it out very carefully…this bom looks so beautiful I can’t wait to start it!

  123. Laser cut for me. Your framed block is very cute.

  124. Love this block, and quilt. Laser cut looks so easy!

  125. I would choose the laser cut, pre-fused. I’ve done regular applique and love it but anything that gives me time for more sewing is awesome! :)

  126. I would love to try the Laser cut/Pre-fused Applique. It must be a real time saver!

  127. I have never used laser pre cuts before and would LOVE to try it-quick and easy is what I see!!

  128. Arianna M. says:

    I’d definitely go with the laser cut/pre-fused. Anything to make my life easier :D.

  129. I love traditional applique ! Framing these blocks are so cute.

  130. I would love to try the laser cut, it’s all done for you.

  131. I would try the laser cut. I love the gingerbread house. Thanks for the inspiration!

  132. I’d probably pick the laser cut just because I’ve never used it before. It would be much faster than turning those edges in!

  133. I would love hte laser cut.

  134. I would like to try the lasar cut. Sounds expensive, but a great time saver

  135. Claudia TN says:

    Have never tried precuts but would definitely give them a try for these tricky pieces.

  136. As much as I love traditional appliqué, if I ever hope to finish anything I should suck it up and go with the laser cut :-)

  137. Angelia L. says:

    I love handwork so I would go with the traditional applique! Beautiful!!

  138. Deb G. in VA says:

    I love traditional applique, but I have never tried precuts before, so I think I would go with the precut.

  139. The laser cut seems like a quick and easy project.

  140. Laser cut :)

  141. Definitely laser cut! They make such a nice edge!

  142. I would like to try the laser cut since I have never tried it before . Looks like fun!

  143. Laser cut to get it done in time but traditional to enjoy the process.

  144. Laser-cut is the way to go, and would be my choice, but traditional would be great too, cause then I might have a few scraps left over to ……. use in another block!

  145. ooo laser cut area so easy!!!

  146. Laser-cut because I’ve always wanted to try something someone else cut out.

  147. Lasar cut is the way to go…makes everything easier…too bad they don’t have a laser bow!

  148. Helen LeBrett says:

    Definitely the pre-fused laser cut!!!! And bows give me a hard time too!!! :-P

  149. I would choose the laser cut applique. I love to do machine applique.

  150. I love this quilt. I would pick laser cut. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  151. I would go for the traditional as I am nervous about the machine applique.

  152. I would pick the laser cut simply because I think it would be faster to complete. Thanks for the great giveaway and the chance to win!

  153. The laser cut/pre-fused ones look soooo easy—I’ve never tried them, but look how quickly they can be finished! Thanks for the closeups of your block–it’s so cute!

  154. I think I would choose traditional–but I’ve never tried either so I just might have to research that a little.

  155. cynthia keyes says:

    Laser love the keepsake quilt

  156. I still like traditional applique the best.

  157. I would pick laser cut and do a blanket stitch on machine for a rustic look.

  158. I would choose laser.

  159. Karen in Breezy Point says:

    Much as I love traditions appliqué, I would like to give the laser cuts a try.

  160. I can taste that peppermint lollipop.

  161. For sure a Laser Cut. I have did a Laser Cut Block of the Month from Shabby Fabrics before and I loved it.

  162. Marisa Adams says:

    I would try the laser cut! It looks easy and quick!

  163. Jessica P. says:

    Laser cut. It would make life easier.

  164. I think I could keep up with this block of the month with the laser cut! Love it!

  165. I would choose the laser cut.

  166. normally I would automatically go to traditional, but in this case i believe i would choose laser cut.

  167. Cheryl Barnes says:

    Pre-fused laser cut … sew easy

  168. I would love to try the laser cut, prefused. Have not had the pleasure and they look quick and easy.

  169. I would go with the traditional applique. I love the hand stitching of it.

  170. Pamela Reim says:

    Normally I would go for traditional but given its mid october already, the laser cut sounds perfect!

  171. Laser cut for me!

  172. Laser cut-what a time saver!

  173. I’ve never tried laser cut applique because I love traditional needle turn, but I might give it a try in this case.

  174. I would choose the laser cut, in the hopes that I would actually finish this by Christmas.

  175. I love trying new thing, so I would chose the Laser-cut/Pre-fused Applique.

  176. I would chose the laser cut/pre-fused appliqué. This is going to be a fun BOM!

  177. I would pick laser cut.

  178. Laser cut for sure. That is such a quick project, and to have them ready for Christmas, awesome.

  179. Sandy Miller says:

    Well now that is a silly ? laser cut of course the quicker, easier the better and I love your ornament !

  180. I would choose laser-cut. Thanks for the giveaway! (teatly at gmail)

  181. i would choose laser cut……of course!

  182. Carolyn Armstrong says:

    I would choose laser cut – I am getting very interested in the “techno” quilting tools out there that save time so that time can go towards sewing.

  183. I’m still practicing hand-applique, but dang! I’d like to try the laser-cut/pre-fused one!

  184. I would choose the laser cut as I already have a traditional one to do. They are all beautiful.

  185. Laser-cut, definitely!

  186. Jenelle Boxberger says:

    I too would choose laser cut. I’ve not tried them and I think it would be fun. Love the quilt and each block.

  187. Sally Dixon says:

    Laser cut would be my choice. I love this quilt!

  188. I would choose the laser cut to save time! LOL They are all so cute!

  189. Traditional.

  190. Laser cut looks so easy. Maybe I would like to give that a whirl. I love how you framed your ornament!

  191. I’ve never tried it but I think laser cut is the way to go! Thanks for the giveaway.

  192. Laser cut! Lazy, but efficient, you could say!

  193. I love sewing by hand, but I would definitely choose laser cut pre-fused appliqué… They’re so easy and quick, and will still leave you the fun while avoiding unnecessary fussing over

  194. As much as I love hand sewing I see the charm of laser cut perfused applique. What a quick way to get a project done. I am definitely going to try some laser cut applique but I will not be putting my scissors, thimbles and hand sewing needles away just yet. Thanks for sharing and offering a giveaway.

  195. I would choose laser cut. As someone just tiptoeing into the world of applique, it seems a little less intimidating!

  196. I would choose the Laser-cut/Pre-fused Applique. I like perfection. My cutting is far from perfect so a laser cut would be wonderful to work with.

  197. Laser cut

  198. Laser cut for sure, how awesome is that.

  199. I would choose the laser cut. Fast and accurate.

  200. Cheryl Marvin says:

    traditional, love the hand work!

  201. I think I would go for the laser cut, pre-fused! I haven’t done a lot of it yet, but it sure is fun just fusing the pieces in place right away!

  202. gibbspeggy says:

    Traditional applique.

  203. Valerie B. says:

    Although I like them both, I think I would like to give traditional a try.

  204. I saw this earlier this evening and love it. I used to live in a big two story old brick house and it brught back so many memories. Would take the laser and simple way out. It’s so cute.

  205. Definitely laser cut!

  206. I’ve never tried either but I’m guessing laser cut? I definitely need to try one of these BOMs!

  207. I would like to try the laser cut!

  208. I would choose laser cut…need to try new things!

  209. The laser cut potion sounds fab and your block looks fantastic

  210. I would love to try a laser cut because it would be quicker and more accurate.

  211. I love the sleigh. So cute!!

  212. Vicki Wilson says:

    I would choose traditional because I love the process of seeing uncut fabric become something beautiful!

  213. Definitely the laser cut. Don’t have enough time to do all of the quilting projects that I’d really like to anyway so laser cut is just the ticket! This is such a cute little happy quilt!

  214. Joanne Denton says:

    I’d love to try the laser cut! Sounds fun! Beautiful fabrics!

  215. I’d do the laser cut. I’d rather spend my time embellishing than cutting out the pieces.

  216. Just looking at this wall hanging puts me in a holiday mood. I better get sewing! The laser cut pieces certainly takes the “work” out of fusing the appliques.

  217. Mindy Saye says:

    i would do the laser-cut as it sounds like most people would. i don’t mind cutting but why do it if I don’t have too.

  218. Pam Jolly says:

    I’d definitely pick laser cut! I’d be much more likely to finish an applique project if the pieces are laser cut :)

  219. I love the quilt! Would choose laser cut!

  220. Dawn Amos says:

    I would pick the laser-cut/pre fused…. because I KNOW how this simplifies the whole process…. AND makes it easier on the hands and joints.

  221. I would love the laser cut, my hands aren’t want they used to be when it comes to using scissors

  222. laser cut!

  223. The laser cut looks amazing. Sometimes a quick and satisfying project is just what you need!

  224. Kristy Wilkinson says:

    I like to do it myself. Though I do use fusible. I have tried needle turn and it is okay but more challenging to do. So traditional for me. Love the fabrics on your ornament. K-

  225. Most definitely laser cut!!

  226. I have done a lot of fusible applique but not laser-cut. I think in this case I would like to take time to do needle turn version.

  227. Laser cut for sure! Very cute block.

  228. laser pre/cut fusible

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

  229. Marti Morgan says:

    I’ve signed up for the laser cut and am excited to make this next year.

  230. Traditional. Thanks!

  231. the quilt is so cute :) i like the traditional one.
    I’ve moved my blog, if you want to take a look (unfortunately atm is still in italian)

  232. Love the idea of not having to cut the shapes myself and having all the pretty fabrics ready to go! Hard to pick a favorite, always have adored gingerbread houses, but love the detail on all of them!

  233. Handwork is what I enjoy the most, so I would stick with the Traditional choice.

  234. With laser cut I an make more quilts faster. Yay! Mary

  235. Traditional stocking would be fun!

  236. Charlene Boykin says:

    I would love to try the Laser-cut/Pre-fused Applique! Always up for easier and faster!

  237. Jackie McColgan says:

    I would pick the laser

  238. This is so darling. Makes me want to make one, and maybe get over my feelings about applique. The laser-cut application sounds perfect.

  239. I’ve been wanting to try one of the laser cut – cuts out some steps for me.

  240. Laser cut for sure. Thanks for sharing. I will be signing up for this bom, it is so sweet.

  241. Kelly Tadlock says:

    I love the laser applique pieces! Especially the sleigh!
    Kelly Tadlock

  242. I’ve never used laser cut but am really enjoying doing traditional. I’m not sure which I would choose.

  243. Rhonda Best says:

    The laser-cut application sounds like it would be the best for me.