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Antique find…


This is a quilt I found this spring at a yard sale, one of my favorite things to do on a Saturday morning!  You just never know what goodies are out there. Me and my sister are on the lookout for quilt yard sales and have found some awesome stashes so far. I’m talking Amy Butler and Kaffe Fassett for $1/yd people! And always on a quilt rescue mission…saving the world and all. This antique quilt is one of my favorite quilt finds yet. Here it is up close:


It is an unfinished quilt that has been sandwiched and quilted, but not bound. My original plan was to research and find some original fabric and finish it, but I think it is older than originally thought, so I would like to preserve it as a past quilter’s WIP. One side is straight and the other is zig-zag. They were really scrimping on materials because it is to the wire on these edges. You can see they were a tear-er too. My grandma did that to keep things straight on the grain(pre-rotary cutter technique).



I am pretty sure this is made with feed sacks, not 100% sure though. Here you can see a number printed on the fabric, wonder what that is???


There are also a few areas with these quirky patches. It wasn’t even finished so they are not repairs, maybe just making do…



Oh, and here is the back…lovely hand quilting.


I don’t know about you, but I could stare at this for quite some time daydreaming about these fabrics and what stopped this project from getting done. Did they have a huge pile waiting to be bound like we often do or did life or illness cut them short on time? Were times so hard they couldn’t afford the material, Oh the pain and sorrow of a quilt undone….Haha, I think I have read one to many novels!

Do you want to know what I paid?????


Whatever the story, if the quilter who made this is anything like me or you, they are glad it is still in quilty hands:)

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