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Sassy Sampler


Bound and done! Finished up my Sassy Sampler quilt and an experiment in free motion quilting. Not even close to perfect, but I am happy with what I am learning. This was a good chance to practice lots of stitches and I tried to force my self to do just that! This quilt is not for anyone in particular and was lingering in my UFO pile, so it was perfect to let loose and stitch like I meant it:)

No marking allowed on this quilt, just free and easy…all the way.

My thread was a beige colored polyester that blended in most areas. *Bonus: Don’t see all the fumbles. *Down Side: It blended so well in some areas it actually made it difficult to see what I was doing, but definitely showed up in the dark brown areas!


Made a skinnier binding this go ’round…2″ strips to start. I usually use 2.5″ strips.


Machine bound, tutorial here.


Had fun with these swirls in the star petals.


Really liked the up and down bars, too. Easier than I thought.(eww…photo bombed by a bug)


Clamshell,  wood grain, pebbles and wierd flame-swirl?…


Most difficult stitch: concentric swirls in two of my corner blocks. I found it very hard to keep the swirls circular. They are a little blobby(?) The other two corners were a paisley design. Much easier and when it gets a little off it doesn’t glare at you. The thread matched so well you can only see any of it in just the right light.

When done I had used 6 Bobbins and a spool and a half of thread(med-size spool). It is pretty stiff with all these stitches, but I haven’t washed it yet. Hoping it will soften up a bit and you probably will not be able to see many of the stitches in the wrinkles anyway.

One more UFO has bit the dust! On to the next.

Keep it Sassy


      Happy Go Lucky

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