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Hello world!

         Here it is……my first post!  What else should it be about other than my first quilt:)  Drum roll……

Virginia Reel or Monkey Wrench pattern.

Virginia Reel or Monkey Wrench pattern.

Let me just start by saying that this quilt was started when I was 16, and finished when I was 29. To hear more about this and see some up close pics, check out My Quilt Story .   I love showing this quilt!  It makes me smile and laugh every time. It holds a lot of memories of my grandma, the original “Sassy” and It lets me see my progress as a quilter. I once shared it on Missouri Star Quilt Forum(love, love this quilt forum and daily deals) and someone  posted how humble it was of me to point out my before and afters.  We all start somewhere, and this is my beginning.  I hope it shows newcomers what beginning can look like.  In my quilt guild (shout out to all my Sassies!), I like to show beginners so they can relax and have fun. Especially when they are too hard on themselves for crooked seams and tips cut off.   Bye the way, I have yet to see a newcomers project look worse than this one. lol. I am pretty sure nothing was correct.   I like a quote I read in a quilting magazine…..” A finished quilt is better than a perfect one.”

Well…..I hope to keep you posted on my quilting progress and any good info I come across. Maybe even share some tips and techniques!  Keep it sassy!

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