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Sassy tip #107:

Bias or Curved Binding

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Use binding cut on the bias when your quilt borders are curved, this has a stretch to it. Otherwise, use straight of grain.

Binding can be a little tricky sometimes. I know you have probably seen some pics of people cutting their binding on the diagonal….why go through all that trouble if you can just cut it straight???


Fabric has a grain to it. When you cut binding for the straight edges of a quilt, you cut from the fold to the selvedge, you are then cutting on the straight grain. This type of binding is perfect for your general binding on your quilts. It is sturdy and if you pull on it you can feel that it has no stretch.


When you are working with a curved border you need a little stretch or bend to get it to fit around your quilts edges. This is called bias binding because the strips are cut on the bias and give it lots of stretch and movement.

Here are a few examples of what I mean…

Related image

A beautiful scalloped edge adds a unique touch to a quilts edges.

Image result for wedding ring quilts

The wedding ring quilt is full of curves!

Related image

Bias or curved binding is also used as the main design in some quilts and needs lots of stretch to do what the designer wants it to do.

Gorgeous don’t you think!

 photo sass_zps1d67b1d3.gif

CLICK HERE for a tutorial by Amy Smart of Diary of a Quilter to show you how to whip some of both types of binding whenever you need it.


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  1. Rosemary B says:

    I usually make my binding straight cut. It may be terrible but it works for me. I love these curvy edged quilts you shared!! if I were making a curvy quilt or project I would certainly use bias binding. I love these quilts you shared Did you make them? wow! I am grateful for your knowledge
    Happy New year.
    I love all of your tips!!

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